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              Welcome to the website of Zibo Yujie Ceramic New Materials Co., Ltd. ~
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              Yujie Ceramics-Products

              A high-tech enterprise producing and selling alumina wear-resistant ceramic materials.

              About us

              Into Yujie Ceramics

              Zibo Yujie Ceramics New Material Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the birthplace of Qi culture and one of the "Five Porcelain Capitals". It is a high-tech enterprise that produces and sells alumina balls. Founded in 2010, the company has high-quality production equipment such as 1700℃ fully automatic high-temperature tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, press, CNC engraving machine, cutting machine......

              Construction Site
              Strength team
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              Yujie Ceramics-news

              Widely used in coal, mining, steel, thermal power plants, ceramics and chemical industries

              Four reasons to chooseYujie Ceramics

              A high-tech enterprise producing and selling alumina wear-resistant ceramic materials


              Customers provide tailor-made products
              and rationalized anti-wear solutions

              10 years of industry experience

              A high-tech enterprise which produces
              and sells alumina wear-resistant
              ceramic materials.

              Sophisticated production equipment

              With high-temperature tunnel kiln,
              push plate kiln, shuttle kiln and CNC
              engraving machine and other equipment.

              Contact: Manager Chen

              Phone: +86 133-7533-9393

                           +86 186-7821-9881

              Phone: 0533-2688588
              Fax: 0533-2688588

              Email 1160601212@qq.com

              Address: Yihe Building, 267 Jinjing Avenue,
              Zibo High-tech Zone, Shandong Province

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